Lightning Rose

Carry the Fire

It's probable that mankind used fire for generations before learning to make it.
So "Carry the fire" is both an admonition and a statement of hope for the future.

Lightning Rose is the subject of a song by the same title written my favorite musician, Paul Kantner.
It can be found on the album
"Freedom at Point Zero"
It has long been one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums.

And I happen to have the same intials.

Lightning Rose
(by Paul Kantner)

(The first verse is not actually sung on the album)

A song for a girl who lives for the future
A song of the Fremen [sic] Camps near the river
After the fall -- Before the Beginning
We build the watchfire every night
We control the water flow
We control the power from fusion reactor #12
The walls of the city crumble
I would sing a song fifty feet long
Sweet breezes on pine beaches
The sound of fire
Let it shine Let it shine Let it shine

Shut down the city lights I want to be with my lady
Build up the watchfires turn down the sun
I been too long in the green fields of rapture
I been too long without bein on the run
Carry the fire from the heart of your lover
Carry the fire where the wild things run
There's a monster lurking deep in the forest
Let's go and get him when the mornin comes

Rose I need you
Rose can't go without your love
Rose I need you
I can't go without you
I won't go without your love

Oooh Rose do you remember all the dances
Remember the miracles and all the crazy chances we took on
Love, Love, Love -- I want to go beyond
Love, Love, Love ------ let's go
Inside the walls of forbidden halls
Beyond everything I've ever hoped or sung
Carry the fire -- Beyond all desire
Carry the fire -- Brighter than the sun

Lightning Rose
I won't leave without you
I can't go without your love

Love is a fire in the Rose
Rose, Lightning Rose Rose, She rocks me

Shut down the city lights I want to be with my baby
Build up the watchfires turn down the sun
Oooh Rose I need to feel you near me
Lightning Rose I need you to be strong

Come together warm around the watchfire
Come together till the mornin sun
Open the floodgates and let loose the waters
Stand by the banks and watch the water run

Carry the fire to the heart of the darkness
Carry the fire each and every one
Carry the fire in your hands if you need to
Carry the fire, the fire, the fire

Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine

Look into the night sky, the walls fall before you

© 1979 Little Dragon Music (BMI)

Lyrics used without permission, but I claim Fair Use.
Besides, Paul likes me.

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