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Multi-Fork File System
An API for Software Developers

The Multi-Fork File System is a powerful POSIX compliant Application Programming Interface for C/C++ built on standard file I/O functions such as open(), close(), read(), write(), and lseek().

The MFFS API allows software developers to easily add any number of forks to any file, including executable files (O/S permitting). Unlike the data and resource forks used by the Apple Macintosh O/S, MFFS forks have no predefined uses or formats.

Among the unique features in the Multi-Fork File System is the ability to convert an existing file to a fork within a MFFS file and to edit fork data with multiple restore points. With the MFFS it's easy to delete and insert data anywhere in a fork without rewriting the entire file. These features make the MFFS nothing less than a new paradigm in file I/O.

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