Lightning Rose Ziggy

Ziggy Dawg

I'm a Hurricane Katrina survivor. In all the chaos that followed under the glorious direction of our nations Fearless Leader my full story is unknown. Nobody knows when or how I was seperated from my old family, but I must have been rescued sometime around September 13, 2005 because I got to see a vet in Houston on September 15. They found I had Heart Worm but it was in the early stages and I'm now fine after treatment. But to add insult to injury they gave me the totally preppiefied name of Brandon. I didn't like that much I can tell you; I mean, do I look like the kind of guy who wears Abercombie & Fitch? But I digress. After Houston they sent me to Boulder, Colorado where some very nice volunteer vets helped me get better before I was sent to the Boulder Valley Humane Society for adoption. I sat there for 3-1/2 weeks before my new mom adopted me on December 10, 2005 and gave me my new, really rad name.

So now I live in Boulder, Colorado with my new mom and my new brother Ozzi Dawg.

Sadly, after a few months of slow decline, Ziggy was diagnosed with terminal kidney failure in September 2012. After a few days of gentle home care and some final meals consisting of bacon cheeseburgers, we took one last outing to the local creek and after one last smile I took him to the vet and sent him to wait for me by the Rainbow Bridge. I believe he was about fourteen years of age.
-L.N. Reed

Lightning Rose

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